Youth Accounts

Start saving early!

It’s never too early to begin building a foundation for a strong financial future. At NCFCU, we believe that providing youth with the tools to establish and manage their finances will prepare them for a successful financial journey. Our Wilderness Savings Club branches into four groups that focus on age-appropriate goals to help establish positive financial habits:

  • Ages 0-4: Sprout Savers
  • Ages 5-9: Forest Friends
  • Ages 10-13: Eagle Earners
  • Ages 14-18: Park Rangers

Wilderness Savings Club Rewards

  • Sprout Savers: Deposits from parents and grandparents
  • Forest Friends + Eagle Earners: Get rewarded with Buford Bucks* for every deposit made to their savings account. Redeem Buford Bucks for gift cards to popular stores and restaurants.
  • Park Rangers: Earn a Membership Card* sticker for each $20 deposit made to their savings account. Redeem a full Membership Card for gift cards to popular stores and restaurants.

Rewards Redemption Levels

How to redeem rewards:

When your saver is ready to redeem their rewards, complete a Wilderness Savings Club Redemption Form and give it to an NCFCU employee. They’ll receive their selected gift card of choice* by mail or email within 7-10 business days.

*Each youth member is entitled to redeem two (2) rewards per month. Gift card options selected from qualifying list. Please see an NCFCU employee for options.

  • $1-$20 = 1 Buford Buck
  • $21-$40 = 2 Buford Bucks
  • $41-$60 = 3 Buford Bucks
  • $61-$80 = 4 Buford Bucks
  • $81 + = 5 Buford Bucks
  • 10 Membership Card Stickers = Gift Card