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Other Forms

Account Revision Form

If you need to make changes (name change, add a joint, remove a joint owner and add services) to your NCFCU account use this form. This form can be mailed or dropped off to your local office. Make sure you include a copy of your current form of government photo identification and for any other person named on the form. Depending on the Account Revisions that you are doing, additional documentation may be required. If you are making changes on more than one account, use one form for each different account number that you have with NCFCU.

ACH Debit Activity Stop Payment Form

If you have a debit transaction scheduled to be deducted from your account and you wish to stop the transaction, complete this form. It must be turned into the credit union at least 1 business day before the debit is deducted from your account.

ACH Authorization for Consumer Transactions

If you are wanting to initiate, change or stop an ACH authorization with NCFCU for incoming or outgoing transactions (you must be on the account at the other Financial Institution), a completed ACH Authorization for Consumer Transactions form must be filled out and signed. This form must be turned into the Credit Union at least 4 business days before the transaction is to occur. Please also see the ACH Authorization for Consumer Transactions Disclosure.

Federal Direct Deposit Form

Incoming Wire Instructions

Stop Payment and Unauthorized Check Form

If you need to put a stop payment on a check that is drawn on your account, complete the form below and turn into an office before the check is submitted to your account.

Travel Information Form

When you are making plans to go out of town, complete the form below and this will help our staff monitor your cards, and if out of the ordinary transactions occur on your cards our fraud agency will check with us so we can help that your cards are not blocked.

Written Statement of Unauthorized Debit Form

If you have a transaction that was directly taken from your account (ACH debit) that you need to dispute, complete the form below and turn into the credit union. These items are returned each morning Monday – Friday at 8:30 a.m.