Tips for Vacationing on a Budget!

Tips for Vacationing on a Budget! featured image

It’s Vacation Time! No matter what your vacation looks like, it always comes with an expense. Here are some tips to help stay on budget while enjoying vacation!

Take shorter vacations. The longer your vacation, the more you have to worry about spending. Shortening your vacation also means shortening your expenses. Taking a long weekend off to enjoy a short vacation is refreshing. Depending on your work and personal schedules, taking multiple short vacations could be a better alternative to week long vacations.

Update your budget. Although vacations can be spontaneous, don’t forget to add them into your budget. It’s important to keep record of your funds so you can stay on track with your budget and not overspend. Maintaining your budget is a good way to hold yourself accountable and stay honest.

Add vacations to next year’s budget. You should always book your vacations early, to help start saving for them! By adding your vacations into your budget for the following year, you can save your money over time instead of using a large sum all at once.

Look for deals when booking hotel rooms, renting cars, etc. It’s important to get the most out of your every dollar. When booking reservations online, it never hurts to look for deals to get the best offer. Make sure to check websites for deals that could be applied to your purchases.

Have a chunk of your money automatically deposit into your savings account. Save yourself the hassle of going through numbers and dividing up cash. You can automatically have a chunk of your money deposited into your savings account to make saving easy. save more money by opening up a savings account specifically for vacations, like NCFCU’s Vacation Club Account!